Book Eden accommodation for a relaxing coastal holiday experience

Eden is a small town on the southern coast of New South Wales in the Sapphire Coast region, where the waters sparkle and shine bright across the entire shore. Eden is ideal for travellers looking to enjoy the outdoors, as you'll find parks and waters in equal measure with opportunities for hiking, fishing, swimming, bushwalking and surfing. Travellers of all ages can enjoy the attractions here, while whale watchers may want to visit between May and early November for the best chances to spot these creatures during their annual migration.

Where to book Eden accommodation in NSW

When you're looking for the perfect Eden accommodation for your next holiday, you have to consider where in Eden you'd like to book your stay. For the most part, it largely depends on how you plan to interact with the coast. All the surrounding waters are relatively calm, and the heart of Eden borders Twofold Bay. If you're more interested in bushwalking, the natural preserved land to the south around Ben Boyd National Park is a great destination.

Finding Eden accommodation near Cocora Beach

Eden is known for its pristine coastline, and there's no better place to enjoy it yourself than Cocora Beach. This beach is known for being relatively calm without any significant waves, making it safe for children to swim in. Nearby Cocora Point is also ideal for travellers interested in whale watching. Holiday rentals in the area tend to offer convenient access to the beach along with larger windows and balconies from which you can watch the sparkling waters.

Booking Eden accommodation near Ben Boyd National Park

If you're more interested in bushwalking and adventures in nature away from the water, you may want to book Eden accommodation near Ben Boyd National Park. This massive park area is divided into 2 sections, and Eden visitors enjoy easy access to the northern area. You'll find a comprehensive set of hiking trails where you can see the iconic red-clay and white-sand cliffs. Bird-watchers can also spot over 200 bird species in the park, including the eastern bristlebird and eastern ground parrot. Local holiday rentals put you right in the middle of nature here with many cabins and cottages available. They tend to be surrounded by open fields that slowly become more forested and feature large balconies where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors away from the city noise.

Top picks for your Eden accommodation

Finding Eden accommodation suitable for your desired holiday experience may take a bit of work, but this selection of top picks can help you get started. Even if they're not exactly what you're looking for, they can give you an idea of what local rentals tend to offer around Eden. Rest assured, though, that from park cabins to coastal houses, Eden has something for everyone.

Eden beach house accommodation

For unending fun in the sun, this pristine Eden beach house provides room for the whole family. This house features 2 bedrooms, with the 2nd having 3 single beds, allowing up to 5 people to sleep comfortably. Additionally, you'll find a balcony that directly faces the water over Cocora Beach, allowing for scenic views and whale watching without having to leave the property. Of course, the beach itself is just a short walk away, and you'll find boat ramps nearby if you're looking to venture into the bay yourself.

Eden charming cottage accommodation

This charming cottage puts you closer to the park side of Eden while still making it easy to access the beach. Its 2 bedrooms have enough room for 6 people, and there's a wood heater perfect for winter travellers. Feel free to bring pets along as well, as they're allowed inside and in the fully fenced-in backyard. This is also an ideal destination if you brought your own boat, as there's enough room in the front for boat parking.