Breathe in the fresh air at your Tathra holiday accommodation

Tathra is a tranquil community by the shore where you’ll enjoy the fresh ocean air and stunning panoramic waterfront views on your next holiday. The small pastoral town features both a slow pace of life that makes rest and relaxation easy and a world of outdoor fun. For example, you can spend your entire trip lounging on the pristine, sandy shores of Tathra Beach, listening to the waves roll in and out as you drink in the warm sunshine. As you would expect from a popular holiday hotspot, Tathra offers a wide array of accommodation, from rustic seaside homes to luxury apartments with high-class amenities.

Take a look at the best holiday accommodation in Tathra

Enjoying a world-class holiday in Tathra is much easier when you choose a holiday rental that fits your needs. Whether you’re searching for a spacious home that will accommodate your entire family or you want a romantic seaside apartment built for 2, there’s a rental in the area where you can relax on your next trip.

Shore houses

If you want to fill your lungs with clean sea air every morning when you wake up, there are a number of shore houses in Tathra that will fulfil your needs. While staying in a house by the shore, you’ll enjoy sweeping views of the nearby blue waters and quick access to pristine beaches, making it easy to fill your trip with time outdoors. Head out from your home and you’ll find a number of scenic outdoor spots, including Mimosa Rocks National Park and its rugged trails where both novice and experienced hikers can enjoy an invigorating trek through nature.

5-star apartments

Creature comforts are plentiful in the 5-star apartments you’ll find in and around Tathra. You can start your day by making a fresh pot of coffee and a full breakfast that will tantalise your tastebuds in your apartment kitchen, and when you’re ready, you can head out into the city for a day of adventure. If you’re in the mood for a little sightseeing, you’ll have a great time strolling the wooden planks of the Old Tathra Wharf that have been smoothed by the sea. If your energy starts to flag, you can come back to your apartment to lounge on the plush furniture or drift off to sleep on the spacious king bed in your master bedroom.

Quaint cottages

Tathra is a great place to enjoy some peace and solitude, thanks to the variety of quaint cottages that dot the landscape. Many cottages feature a wood-burning fireplace that will keep the chill away on colder days, and they may also provide kitchenettes so that you can savour a late-night snack while sitting out under the stars. You can while away the hours breathing in the crisp air on the porch of your cottage, or take a stroll through the fields filled with lush local flora.

Relax in your Tathra holiday home

Finding a Tathra holiday home that meets all of your needs is a lot easier than you might think. The community is filled with first-class rentals, and with a little research, you can find an irresistible spot to escape to on your next holiday.

Peaceful lake house

Select this high-end lakefront property near Tathra and you’ll enjoy one of the most memorable holidays of your life. Located in the vibrant Fishpen neighbourhood, the home offers convenient access to trendy cafes and vibrant nightclubs, virtually guaranteeing a fun-filled holiday. You’ll find 4 bedrooms that can sleep 8 people in this spacious lake house, as well as a dining room table that can seat up to 10, making this a superb spot to reconnect with your family while on holiday. An outdoor shower will help you clean up after a day at the beach, and a gas heater will make sure you can warm up after swimming in the crisp waters.

Rustic timber home

If you’re looking for a rustic retreat ideal for either a family holiday or a romantic getaway, look no further than this 3-storey timber home. The home is tucked in the heart of Bournda National Park and is surrounded by lush, green trees, resulting in a relaxing setting that every traveller will appreciate. Visit during the summer months and you can eat juicy, tangy raspberries straight from the vine in the lush garden, and you can enjoy a leisurely soak in the indoor spa tub any time of the year. Every morning, you can watch the sun as it rises over the foamy ocean waves, and in the evening, you can share a bottle of wine with that special someone while enjoying fresh air on the spacious deck.