Choose from a variety of Ulladulla accommodation for your next holiday

Your holiday in Ulladulla can be full of relaxation and enjoyment of the coastal paradise from your own accommodation. Ulladulla is a coastal town toward the southeast of New South Wales that is known for multiple beautiful beaches. For an evening of fun and great seafood eateries, many visitors head to Ulladulla Harbour. A peaceful spot that’s bursting with the vibrancy of nature and is frequented by locals and out-of-towners is the Ulladulla Wildflower Reserve. With such great destinations to enjoy for days on your holiday, a personal holiday rental is key to having a fun and worry-free stay.

Explore Ulladulla accommodation

Ulladulla accommodation can help you enjoy as much of the beach and scenic destinations as possible by putting you in close proximity to your desired points of interest and providing you with a safe and comfortable place to retire each night. Some holiday rentals even feeling like a destination in-and-of themselves, as you can relax and enjoy the picturesque views of the South Pacific or swim in your own private pool. A luxury villa near the city centre would allow you to easily venture down the street for a morning coffee or evening pub visit for some local grog. Ulladulla has dozens of townhouses and apartments on the coast or countryside, whichever you prefer. The holiday cottages are also extremely popular, as it’s a quaint and cosy option for you, which still have full modern amenities.

Ulladulla holiday house

Often, a holiday house is the ideal accommodation for the spaciousness and full amenities reminiscent of home. Ulladulla has every size and location for you to choose from, which helps you feel confident about picking the right one to make your holiday more enjoyable. Some travellers prefer a house with 2 storeys, which may offer staggeringly beautiful views of the surrounding region, especially if it’s a coastal accommodation. Instead of a second-floor deck, an outdoor patio for enjoying the barbie and a private pool are also attractive features. If you have a group accompanying you or you're travelling with extended family, you could look into a 4- or 5-bedroom house that can fit over a dozen individuals.

Your ideal family accommodation in Ulladulla

As you plan your Ulladulla retreat, you want to find something that’s right for your whole family. That might start with ensuring that the accommodation is pet-friendly, and in Ulladulla, you can find a plethora of great options for the furry members of your family. Additional features to look out for might be a pool – although the vast and attractive South Pacific is a few hundred yards from most accommodation, it's also nice to have a quiet, private pool to relax in. You can also look for a house that is near a playground or other child-friendly areas, of which there are many you can look at in Ulladulla.

The best Lake Conjola accommodation

Lake Conjola is less than 10 kilometres north of Ulladulla, and it’s one of the most desirable and tranquil holiday spots in New South Wales. Although it’s a popular spot for local and national travellers, you can still rent one of the many great accommodation options that will have the right amount of space and be located on the perfect spot on the lake. Whether you would prefer a waterfront cottage or a farmhouse with sprawling land that lets you walk down to the lake, you can find it at Lake Conjola.

Enjoying a romantic getaway on Lake Conjola

If you are looking into a romantic getaway in Ulladulla, then look no further than Lake Conjola. You can find quaint cottages that feel appropriately secluded, all the while giving you lake access and allowing easy travel to the nearby towns. One of the most romantic settings you could find would be at a couple’s bed-and-breakfast, which will let you relax and enjoy the comfort of the idyllic setting. You can imagine the splendour of settling down after a long day and sipping wine with your special someone as you watch the sun set over the distant mountains.