Find the ultimate Mollymook accommodation to enjoy a coastal adventure

The town of Mollymook is a popular getaway for travellers looking to leave the big city behind for a while without sacrificing modern conveniences. The town centre area is packed full of shops and restaurants, but its position on the NSW South Coast also allows visitors to enjoy the natural features just as much as the town itself. Finding quality Mollymook accommodation in town is the first step to enjoying everything this destination has to offer. You can even bring the family along because there are enough attractions for all ages. You'll especially be happy visiting during the months surrounding summer, when it's not too hot and not too crowded.

Where to book your Mollymook holiday house

When you're looking for a Mollymook holiday house or any other kind of holiday rental, it's important to consider exactly where you want to stay in town. Mollymook is fairly small, so everything is accessible, but if you want to get the most out of your holiday experience, your favoured attractions should be just a stone's throw away. The beaches are the main attraction, of course, but you'll also find an iconic rock pool and a well-maintained golf course.

Booking Mollymook holiday accommodation by the beach

This coastal town has quite a few beaches to choose from that can provide adventure for the whole family. Mollymook Beach is the most popular beach in the area and is known for its surfing and the jump rock from which visitors leap off to plunge into the water below. Alternatively, you can visit the Bogey Hole, a local rock pool that features calm waters better suited for children. Mollymook holiday accommodation by the beach will likely feature quite a few luxury amenities. Because families frequently visit, 2- and 3-bedroom rentals are common, and they tend to feature full kitchens as well. If you stay by the beach, you'll likely have a large balcony facing the water and potentially even a private path to the beach straight from the rental.

Accommodation in Mollymook, NSW, by the golf course

Mollymook is known throughout New South Wales as a coastal destination, but its pristine golf course cannot be overlooked. Many travellers find golfing to be supremely relaxing. If that sounds like you, perhaps your accommodation in Mollymook, NSW, should be located near the Mollymook Golf Club. There you'll find both an 18-hole course and a 9-hole course, both of which are situated among vibrant green fields that overlook the shore. Holiday rentals in this area are more on the luxurious side as many golfers are accustomed to. Modern houses and apartments are plentiful, along with accommodation that includes high-quality linens and smart TVs.

Top picks for Mollymook holiday rentals

One of the best aspects of Mollymook holiday rentals is the sheer amount of diversity offered. You can find everything from a beachside cottage to an apartment near the centre of town. Despite the differences, however, all holiday rentals here tend to offer a satisfying dedication to quality. See for yourself by exploring some of the top picks for the area that paint a fairly accurate picture of what most local rentals can offer.

Mollymook accommodation with a rooftop spa

For travellers seeking luxury, this high-end apartment with a rooftop spa may be the premier choice. It features modern chic styling along with a king-size circular bed. It's the only bed in the apartment's single bedroom, so this rental is certainly catered toward couples. The spa overlooks the ocean and features 28 jets, and it even has color settings allowing you to determine the precise kind of atmosphere you're looking for. From the spa, you can see dolphins, whales and surfers out in the water while still maintaining an elevated level of privacy.

Beachfront cottage Mollymook holiday accommodation

This spacious cottage offers the signature beachfront experience that so many visitors looking for Mollymook holiday accommodation want. It's located on the beach with a yard that connects directly to the shore making the water just a few steps away. In fact, it's so close to the water that the gentle waves of the Pacific are near enough to lull you to sleep at night. This rental features 3 bedrooms with enough room to sleep 8 people so you can bring the whole family along.