Get high on life in Queensland with Bunya Mountains accommodation

Located in the Great Dividing Range of Queensland, the Bunya Mountains is a remarkable natural mountain range with stunning lush rainforest, woodlands and eucalyptus forests. Whether you want to get out into the wilderness with the kids or revel in the peace and quiet while you enjoy breathtaking views over the South Burnett region, Bunya Mountains accommodation gives you all you need for a memorable holiday.

Bunya Mountains experiences

Bunya Mountains is a paradise for nature lovers of all types. Bunya Mountains National Park has a diverse landscape with 4 distinct seasons for all kinds of adventures and experiences, from stargazing to hiking to early morning nature walks.

Romantic experiences for couples

The mist-covered mountain scenery and quiet make the Bunya Mountains ideal for an intimate couple's retreat. You can enjoy taking morning walks in the crisp, clean high-altitude air, seeing the spectacular changes in rainforest colour during the different seasons and hearing nocturnal creatures when the sun goes down. Holiday accommodation in the Bunya Mountains provides you with breathtaking wilderness and mountain views to enjoy over wine on the verandah or while eating dinner in the evenings.

Wildlife and nature for families

The Bunya Mountains house hundreds of species of birds, such as crimson rosellas, king parrots and bowerbirds, and hundreds of frogs, reptiles and marsupials. In grassy areas, you may also see red-necked wallabies frolicking, while red-necked pademelons and swamp wallabies hide out in the safety of the rainforest. With rentals in the Bunya Mountains, you'll not only have the rainforest at your doorstep, but you can also view wildlife walking about in your yard or garden.

Outdoor excursions for adventurers

Outdoor adventurers will love the opportunities to explore in and around the landscape of the Bunya Mountains. You can walk through the rainforest and marvel at the green canopy, swim in hidden coves near waterfalls, hike or climb towering peaks, watch for exotic bird species in their native habitat or spend the night gazing at the mist over the mountains and the myriad of stars unencumbered by the lights of the city. Best of all, Bunya Mountains accommodation is surrounded by nature, so you can experience the beauty and tranquillity from the comfort of your verandah.

Amenities in Bunya Mountains accommodation

From quaint furnishings to spectacular natural surroundings, Bunya Mountains accommodation is designed to give you a peaceful retreat in nature. Whether you need space for the whole family or a romantic cottage for 2, Bunya Mountains rentals come with an array of convenient amenities to make your trip more enjoyable.

Natural surroundings

Rentals in the Bunya Mountains area offer unrivalled connections to nature and the beauty of the South Burnett region. From a verandah or balcony, you can enjoy sweeping views of the diverse landscape and verdant wilderness, or glimpse local wildlife in their natural surroundings in the mornings and evenings. If you're travelling with kids, you can find accommodation with fenced-in gardens or yards for safe play while you relax and socialize.

Practical features

Bunya Mountains holiday homes are self-contained with modern appliances, so you can cook your own meals, do laundry, park onsite and more. You'll also find accommodation with multiple bedrooms or bathrooms in order for everyone to have space and convenience when travelling with a large group. Some rentals include features specific to kids, such as televisions with game systems and WiFi, or bunk beds in additional bedrooms.