Magnetic Island accommodation opens the door to exciting adventures

Magnetic Island is just 8 kilometres off the shore of Townsville in Queensland. It's a mountainous island covering 52 square kilometres in Cleveland Bay and offers stunning natural views, scenic pier walks, calm and clear waters, rainforest hiking, wildlife viewing, resorts and fantastic shopping, dining and nightlife, all with easy access to the big-city amenities on the mainland. Magnetic Island offers an outstanding opportunity for couples on a romantic getaway, large groups on a reunion or retreat, families on holiday or any others. Your adventures here begin with holiday rentals on Magnetic Island.

Magnetic Island accommodation is a gateway to exploration

One of the most common reasons for visiting Magnetic Island is to explore the natural wonders the island and the region have to offer. Fishing is a popular pastime here, with marlin, mackerel, wahoo, sailfish, giant trevally, mahi-mahi, red emperor, coral trout and more being common catches. A day trip to the mainland allows you to explore the big city with all the features and fun it has to offer. You can also visit historic and indigenous sites from your Magnetic Island accommodation to learn about the island's legacy and native culture.

Holiday rentals near the ferry terminal provide access to everything

If you're looking to take a trip to Townsville, accommodation near the Magnetic Island Ferry Terminal is an outstanding option. You can catch the ferry to the mainland, where you'll find a vibrant nightlife with trendy bars and clubs for partying away the night, classy restaurants with fresh seafood and local wine pairings, great shopping and quaint sidewalk cafes. While on your trip, you can look out for dolphins and other sea life as you enjoy a serene ride across the turquoise waters of Cleveland Bay. Magnetic Island accommodation is available for couples, families and larger groups alike.

Sporting adventures await from Magnetic Island rentals

Magnetic Island also offers outstanding beaches and opportunities for active recreation. If you're a sporting person, you'll find plenty of options to get your game on from Magnetic Island holiday rentals. If you're into water skiing, body boarding, surfing, diving or snorkelling, you'll find all you need to get going in Cleveland Bay or any of the beaches on the shores of Townsville. Those who enjoy beach sports can put up a net and play volleyball or other pickup games. Your Magnetic Island accommodation also places you very close to a great golf course.

Apartments near Magnetic Island Golf Course beckon

If you're a golfer, you can't go wrong with an apartment near Magnetic Island Golf Course. From single-bedroom options to affairs that can house the entire family, apartments here offer you all the comforts and luxuries you want. You'll find gym facilities, swimming pools and even access to spas and hot tubs to relax in after a long day on the greens. The 9-hole course itself is fully irrigated and rated to challenge golfers of any skill level. Bar and club facilities are available, and it's very welcoming to visitors.

Explore hiking, scenic views and other outdoor adventures

Another popular reason to visit Magnetic Island is the stunning natural green space that covers much of the island. These forested regions are ideal for wildlife viewing, and there are at least 800 koalas estimated to live on the island, which represents the northernmost limit of their range. From Magnetic Island accommodation, you can enjoy scenic views of the ocean from landmarks like The Forts, Radical Bay Road and Alma Bay. You will fall in love with the lush, green foliage and bright teal waters as you overlook white sands and rock formations from cliffside panoramic views.

Explore Magnetic Island National Park accommodation

Over half the island is a nature reserve and park, with Mount Cook marking the highest natural point at 497 metres above sea level. Magnetic Island National Park accommodation offers access to some of the most stunning views in Australia. The island is a haven for wildlife, and you can see many different species of birds and land animals including mammals, reptiles and marsupials in their natural habitat on the many hiking and biking trails. A 2-bedroom house that sleeps 6 nestled among the trees offers easy access to the park with private and comfortable amenities for relaxing in the evening.

The ultimate group accommodation awaits at Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is attractive not just to families and couples but to larger groups of travellers as well. If you're on a family reunion, company retreat or celebrating an engagement, there are plenty of options to keep you covered. A 4-bedroom house that sleeps up to 10 people offers a beautiful veranda that links to an outdoor entertaining area with a fridge and barbecue. Inside, there's 2 different living areas, both with televisions, and the lounge area offers a selection of DVDs. Lots of windows and an open floor plan provide natural lighting, and a saltwater pool completes the luxury.