Townsville accommodation allows for a fun and relaxing holiday

Townsville has everything you need for a fun and rejuvenating outdoor holiday. A historic coastal town in northeast Queensland with many popular sites where you can experience nature, Townsville also has fascinating learning opportunities such as at the Maritime Museum of Townsville. The museum offers a historical perspective of the fishing and trade industries, as well as the naval significance of the area during World War II. The area surrounding Townsville offers opportunities for an expedition to try something new or the chance to relax. As you plan your holiday, whether you are looking for a 1-bedroom beach bungalow or a house for your whole family, you can find a Townsville accommodation that will be perfect for your holiday.

The best Townsville accommodation

Townsville has every type of accommodation imaginable so that you can be sure to enjoy a fun and hassle-free holiday. Your ideal holiday may consist of snuggling up with a good book in the comfort of your lodging, or you may seek to explore the great outdoors, such as the rocky beauty of Mount Stuart. Whether you need luxury features or room to spread out, you can find accommodation to suit your needs for a memorable holiday, whether that’s in an apartment, a house, beach villa or cottage.

Enjoy a Townsville holiday house

Whether your trip to Townsville is with friends, family or just you and your significant other, a holiday house makes an excellent choice of accommodation. Not only do you typically have extra privacy and can enjoy a more spacious rental, but you can also find a wider range of choices that suit you. In and around Townsville you have many choices for holiday houses, and conveniently, if you want a home near the city centre, you would still be less than 1 km from the coast. Two-storey homes are excellent for enjoying scenic surroundings, especially if you get one with an upper-floor patio.

Check out Townsville family accommodation

A holiday house can be especially beneficial for families as you can find lodging with as many bedrooms as necessary to keep everyone happy. Having options available to you such as location and kid-friendly features allow you to have the level of comfort and amenities that you prefer. If your holiday includes kids, then you might consider accommodation with a private pool, so that they can have fun and cool off any time of day without having to pack anything for the beach.

Townsville beach accommodation

Townsville is one of the most desirable coastal towns in northern Queensland, so beach accommodation is ideal for a holiday. Whether you would like to be near Strand Park or across the bay on Magnetic Island, there’s a beach stay that’s right for you. A cosy apartment may be the right fit for a romantic retreat, or perhaps look into a beach villa if you are with a larger group or you would like luxury features.

Find the best holiday rentals in Townsville

From apartments to guesthouses and townhouses to country cottages, Townsville has the unique type of holiday rentals you need to enjoy the perfect retreat. A 2-bedroom townhouse overlooking the coast may be what you prefer, or an apartment with a lap pool near the city centre might be a better option. If you are travelling solo and plan to spend most of your time outdoors, a cosy studio is a good fit. For a unique blend of rustic and chic, you could rent a centrally located cottage that is close to the beach and still gives you access to all the city has to offer.