Holiday memories are waiting to be made in Exmouth accommodation

The seaside town of Exmouth sits on the westernmost tip of Western Australia outside Exmouth Gulf where you can experience beaches, sunshine and the beautiful nature parks that surround this region. Exmouth is a resort town that is accustomed to entertaining visitors with incredible cuisine and beaches such as Exmouth City Beach, which is a gorgeous stretch of soft sand and shells right off the city centre. As you are getting ready for an underwater excursion, you may want to first hit up the Exmouth Marina and Exmouth Diving Centre to talk to some of the locals. Even with the incredible outdoor experiences available, you may be in the mood for a relaxing stroll through the Exmouth Shopping Centre. No matter what your holiday plans are for enjoying all of Exmouth, the right accommodation will help you experience the most fun and a rejuvenating getaway.

Finding the perfect Exmouth accommodation

Exmouth is a resort town for beach bums, luxury travellers and adventure seekers alike. With an array of beaches, parks and marine adventures, Exmouth offers a wide selection of holiday accommodation as well. Your preferences may depend on whether you are visiting with a group of friends, your family or a significant other. While many travellers come here to enjoy the outdoors, others may enjoy a holiday rental close to the city centre, which offers a wide range of shopping and restaurant options. The type of accommodation is also important. Apartments, villas, houses and cottages will have different benefits to meet your unique needs. Exmouth has over 100 holiday rentals to choose from, so you won't have to worry about finding the right one.

Idyllic Exmouth holiday homes

A holiday house is one of the most popular and adaptable accommodation options. When you rent a holiday house, you can enjoy the comforts of home without having to deal with the stresses of daily life. A house is generally more spacious than most other types of accommodation, which means there's more room for entertaining friends and relatives, whether in the lounge room or on the back patio. A fully equipped kitchen will let you practice your culinary skills, and with your choice of 2, 3, 4 or more bedrooms, space is never an issue.

Family accommodation in Exmouth, WA

On a family getaway to Exmouth, your ideal accommodation is likely a holiday home. With a spacious house offering as many bedrooms as you need, you'll be off to a great start to your relaxing holiday. You may want to think about a pet-friendly rental, and Exmouth has many that will welcome your furry companions. Location could be a big factor in which house you choose, and you will have dozens to pick from, whether on the beach or more secluded from the coast. Many families like accommodation with a fenced-in yard so kids have an area to play in.

Convenient Exmouth apartment accommodation

One of the most convenient ways to experience all of Exmouth is from apartment accommodation. With an apartment, you can enjoy a comfortable setting with 1 or more bedrooms, and they are often very budget-friendly. If you are planning a relaxing holiday by yourself or with just a few friends, an apartment is a great choice for a rental that lets you rejuvenate after a day at the beach or exploring ocean life.

Exmouth luxury accommodation

Among the most idyllic holiday lettings you can find in Exmouth is luxury accommodation. Your getaway can be one of indulgence in comfort and relaxation, as well as the ability to entertain yourself and your friends. You could rent luxury accommodation with an open floor plan and modern decor that has its own jetty and private pool. Barbecue and deck areas provide lovely outdoor spaces to enjoy the beautiful weather.