Enter the gateway to the Australian South West from Mandurah accommodation

Mandurah is the second-largest city in Western Australia and is often considered the gateway to the South West region. As a coastal city, Mandurah offers numerous aquatic activities to enjoy in town, but the inner city is home to several attractions as well including high-end restaurants and shopping opportunities. Christmas is especially exciting here, thanks to the city's extensive lights and decorations. Quality Mandurah accommodation can come in many shapes and sizes, but most holiday rentals in the city are going to be apartments. Even so, you'll have no problem finding spacious lettings suitable for the whole family. You can easily fit your Mandurah holiday around your schedule, as the city experiences comfortable temperatures all year long.

Where to book Mandurah holiday rentals

With so much to see and do in Mandurah, you can expect an unforgettable experience no matter where you book accommodation. For the most part, however, Mandurah holiday rentals centre around 2 primary locations. You can find quality Mandurah holiday rentals by the ocean and near Collins Pool. Connected by a scenic small river, these 2 bodies of water are packed full of activities, yet the experiences can be notably different.

Booking Mandurah accommodation by the beach

The Mandurah coastline is quite extensive, and there are several beaches here along the Indian Ocean coast. Blue Bay Beach on the southwestern side of town is a popular place to swim as the waters are fairly calm, while Robert Point to the north features a pet-friendly shore. Town Beach is probably the most famous, however, as it's relaxing and features extensive opportunities for dolphin and whale watching. Finding Mandurah accommodation by the beach typically means booking a rental with large windows and a balcony facing the water. Even some rentals that aren't quite on the beach offer easy access to the city's central river while also featuring enough room for numerous guests.

Finding Mandurah holiday rentals by Collins Pool

In the southern part of Mandurah, you'll find the massive Collins Pool area. This large body of water is largely landlocked, so waves are nonexistent, making it an excellent spot for swimming, fishing and boating. Considering the beauty of these shining blue waters, it should be no surprise that various walking trails are present as well. When you book a nearby Mandurah holiday rental, you're likely to find either an apartment in the city or a letting in an area that's less populated and more isolated. These hidden properties also tend to have a bit of land to them as well, so you can enjoy the outdoors and even reach the pool in some cases without leaving the property.

Top picks for Mandurah accommodation

When you're looking for quality Mandurah accommodation, picking your preferred location is just the first step. Before diving into your search, take a look at some of the top picks for the area to learn about the types of amenities typically offered. Not only will these rentals show off the best features that area rentals tend to offer, but you may even find your perfect accommodation among them.

Mandurah canal house accommodation

If you can't decide between the ocean and the pool, this house makes it so you don't have to. In this rental located on the central canal, you can enjoy being close to both major bodies of water, allowing you to diversify your experience. With 4 bedrooms and extensive bedding, up to 12 people can sleep comfortably in this house. Inside, you'll find a full kitchen with modern appliances and a massive lounge area. Outside, there's a barbecue area and a private jetty, perfect for if you have a boat. If not, crabbing is a popular activity for guests at this property.

Mandurah beachfront house accommodation

For travellers looking for a coastal holiday adventure, this beachfront house may be the best option. It's located just steps away from Blue Bay Beach for a casual and convenient beachfront experience. Inside the house, you'll find 3 bedrooms with room enough for 9 guests, along with scenic views of the water from virtually every room with a window. The house is pet-friendly, as is the nearby beach, so don't hesitate to bring your furry friend along. You'll even find an outdoor shower on the front lawn to freshen up a bit after a trip to the beach.