Water and wine adventures from quality Margaret River accommodation

At the mouth of the Margaret River lies the town of the same name that's one of the premier destinations in all of South West Australia. No matter what you're interested in, you'll be able to find something suitable for your desired holiday experience in town. Fortunately, the area features a wide variety of rentals as well, so quality Margaret River accommodation is easy to come by. You can visit any time of year, as the weather is consistently comfortable throughout the seasons. Even in the summer heat, sea breezes usually cut through enough to keep things cool.

Where to book Margaret River holiday homes

If you want to get the most out of your experience, you'll want to find a rental near your favoured attractions among the available Margaret River holiday homes. This typically means choosing something closer to the eastern or western edges of town. One side paves the way to the ocean, while the other enters the Margaret River wine region. Both can be satisfying, and a central location may be your ticket to experiencing both.

Booking eastern accommodation in the Margaret River region

If you're more interested in a nature-oriented experience, the eastern side of Margaret River may be your best bet. It's there that you'll find the expansive wine region with its rolling green hills and delicious wine samples. You may even be able to find accommodation in the Margaret River region right next to a vineyard. If you're interested in doing some caving, there are extensive cavern networks on the eastern side of town. Holiday homes in this area can vary quite a bit, but you're likely to find something that has a bit of a yard. Rentals tend to be spacious as well, with large patios like you would expect from a cabin or cottage that's more isolated.

Finding western accommodation in Margaret River, WA

On the western side of town, you'll find yourself at the beach. While the shore itself can be relaxing if you're just trying to get some sun or take a stroll, the beaches are best known for their surf breaks. Surfers Point is the most famous, with visitors from all over trying to conquer the impressive waves. When you book accommodation in Margaret River, WA, by the beach, you can let those impressive waves lull you to sleep at night, then wake as the sea air greets you every morning. Windows and balconies with views of the water are popular as well, and you'll also find a surprising amount of space allowing the entire family to come with you.

Top picks for accommodation in Margaret River

When you're looking for accommodation in Margaret River, don't forget to check out the top picks for the area. They're the most popular for a reason, so you can expect to find not only luxury but accessibility as well. Even if you don't find the right accommodation for your desired holiday experience among the top picks, you can at least get an idea of what typical rentals in the area are like.

Spacious farmhouse accommodation in Margaret River

If you're looking for a family-friendly adventure, this spacious farmhouse on the northern side of town will put you close to a variety of outdoor attractions including some local vineyards. Inside, you'll find a massive 6 bedrooms with room enough for 12 to sleep comfortably, so you can even bring some extended family on the trip. You'll also find air conditioning and a spa inside. Outside, there's a bit of land on the property that offers stunning views of the surrounding vineyards and rolling hills.

Margaret River beachfront studio accommodation

For travellers who want some fun in the sun by the shore, this beachfront studio can certainly provide. It has 1 bedroom with room for 2 people, so it's best used as a couple's retreat. You can hear the waves from the bedroom, as this rental is located just a few steps away from the shore. It's prime oceanfront property, without any roads or buildings in the way of the water. You'll also find a fully stocked kitchen and a notably Greek design to the place, and you can even bring a medium-size dog or smaller on your adventure.