Beach house accommodation in NSW—a base for Sydney beaches

The vibrant capital city of Sydney is the ideal base camp for exploring all that New South Wales has to offer, but you’ll find pristine beaches and exciting seaside attractions throughout the entire state. Beach accommodation in NSW ranges from luxurious houses central to popular attractions to quaint cottages tucked away in the rainforest, allowing you to make your holiday exactly what you want it to be.

Where can you find beach houses in NSW?

From the seaside amenities of Sydney’s harbour area to the laid-back atmosphere of Byron Bay, beach accommodation in New South Wales can be found virtually anywhere. Options near Huskisson Beach, Wollongong Beach, Blueys Beach, Ettalong Beach, Port Macquarie and elsewhere put you in reach of beautiful white-sand shores and glistening turquoise waters to enjoy your seaside holiday.

Beachfront accommodation in South Coast

South Coast is filled with beautiful beaches and lush wilderness for fun and adventure. The beaches of the coast offer unforgettable wildlife encounters with dolphins, whales and seals, and the wind conditions are perfect for water and wind sports. Beach accommodation in South Coast ranges from garden estates with luxurious amenities to rustic cabins surrounded by wildlife, all within minutes of the whitest beaches.

Jervis Bay beach houses

Jervis Bay is renowned for its natural splendour and vibrant wildlife including fairy penguins and migrating whales, as well as its rich indigenous cultural sites and eco-tourism. With a Jervis Bay beach house, you can experience ancient caves at the Beecroft Peninsula or catamaran rides within a short distance of your accommodation.

Nelson Bay beach houses

Nelson Bay boasts gorgeous sheltered beaches ideal for families, waterfront restaurants with spectacular views and the enchantment of Port Stephens for a fun-filled beach getaway. A Nelson Bay beach house gives you access to the beaches and seaside amenities here as well as a range of bedroom and comfort options for a self-sufficient holiday.

Accommodation types in New South Wales

Accommodation types in New South Wales range from luxurious townhouses to charming cottages and eco-treehouses, depending on where you choose to stay. Here are some accommodation options you’ll find in this region.

Holiday beach houses in NSW

Holiday beach houses in New South Wales can be found with up to 7 bedrooms that sleep 16 people, so they’re perfect for families or large groups of travellers. Many holiday beach houses come with fully equipped kitchens, separate bathrooms, pools or wading areas, outdoor grills and laundry facilities, so you have all you need for your trip.

Beachfront cabins in NSW

Beachfront cabins in New South Wales are available all along the coastline and are perfect for a rustic retreat in virtually any city or village in the area. Cabins and cottages provide you with intimacy and tranquillity for a laid-back holiday experience, whether you’re on your own, with family or part of a couple.

Luxury beachfront accommodation in South Coast

Luxury beachfront accommodation in South Coast is an unforgettable experience. Multi-bedroom homes, luxury apartments and coastal homes come with amenities that rival a high-end hotel, such as indoor and outdoor pools, fitness centres, community amenities and, best of all, the beach right outside your doorstep.