Get pampered at bed and breakfasts in Blue Mountains

A holiday in the mountains provides a sense of grandeur, as towering peaks of rock protrude from the ground all around you. If you’re talented enough to climb one in the Blue Mountains, you can gaze out onto vast stretches of land covered in vibrant flora and outlined by even more mountains. A quality bed and breakfast can only enhance your relaxation, and fortunately there are numerous options available that can lead to an unforgettable experience.

Best locations for a bed and breakfast in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains region offers rugged adventure among dramatic scenery, and a quality bed and breakfast will be right in the centre of the sun-soaked eucalyptus trees. While there are many options for bed and breakfasts, your holiday deserves only the best, and that starts with location. Perhaps the major city of Katoomba is best suited to your needs. Or maybe the quality B&Bs in the suburb of Leura will be more to your liking. Whether you’re looking in Leura, Katoomba or elsewhere deep in the mountains, you can expect an incredible journey full of natural wonder here.

Book a bed and breakfast in Katoomba

Katoomba dates back over a century and still retains a lot of the old-town charm that one would expect. The area makes a perfect location for a bed and breakfast, but that’s just the beginning of what it can offer. The heritage locations here are numerous, and Katoomba is well-known for its alternative subculture that features artists of all kinds from poets to musicians. Hearing music coming from your B&B is not uncommon, and you may be just a few steps away from a cafe or shop that doubles as a music venue.

Finding a Leura bed and breakfast

If you’re looking for a more relaxing bed and breakfast in a quiet suburb, Leura may be the ideal holiday destination. Located along the Great Western Highway and near Blue Mountains National Park, it’s a great place to spend a few nights without having to travel far from the main roads. You can also book a stay near the breathtaking Leura Falls or one of the many other waterfalls around town. The city centre is satisfying as well, as it offers numerous convenient amenities in addition to access to the mountains.

Top picks for Blue Mountains bed and breakfasts

Thanks to the popularity of the Blue Mountains, there’s no shortage of quality bed and breakfasts in town. The following are just a few examples of some of the best accommodation the Blue Mountains area has to offer.

Cosy yurt bed and breakfast

About 3 km from the city centre, you’ll find this lovely yurt-style bed and breakfast in Katoomba. It overlooks local bushland around the Blue Mountains and features a domed skylight that brings in warmth during the day and lets you stargaze at night. Its single bedroom and bathroom and its private, isolated location make it the ultimate couple's retreat perfect for travellers on a romantic holiday.

Authentic guesthouse bed and breakfast

This quaint bed and breakfast dates back to 1927, when it was first built as Gladstone Lodge. Book your holiday here to experience authentic aesthetics including oak furniture, traditional rugs and cedar panelling lining the walls. The warm fireplace also makes this an ideal destination for winter travellers. The single bedroom features an art deco door and includes several elegant features such as bathrobes, coffee makers and fluffy bath sheets. An electric blanket is included to help you stay warm, as is a book of poetry vignettes that ties together the rustic, old-world feel.