Bed and breakfasts in Victoria that will delight you

Bed and breakfasts in Victoria are a wonderful choice for travellers looking for a touch of home while experiencing the diversity of nature and attractions available in Victoria. Many of the bed and breakfasts in Victoria are located on the southern coast close to desirable sandy beaches and the Great Ocean Road. Others are located near lush national parks or great hiking spots through the bush. Many of Victoria’s bed and breakfasts are near the vibrant capital city of Melbourne, where you can enjoy the cultural diversity and amenities of a bustling metropolis. Outdoor enthusiasts, beach bums and families can find highlights of nature near their bed-and-breakfast rentals. Whatever you desire to see and do on your next holiday, there is a perfectly suited bed and breakfast in Victoria that can precisely meet your needs.

Bed and breakfasts in Melbourne

Melbourne is the top city to visit in Victoria, thanks to its urban amenities, cultural diversity and the marina. If you plan to travel to Melbourne, there are many great bed and breakfasts to choose from, including one that is close to downtown, putting you near museums, shopping and nightlife. Another is right on the coast and overlooks the marina and the scenic bay. In a Melbourne bed and breakfast, you get the best of city life while enjoying the personal touch and style of your hosts. You don’t have to choose between entertaining nightlife and the relaxation of your personal B & B.

Bed and breakfasts in Daylesford

If you’re looking for a tranquil holiday retreat near the scenic foothills of the Victorian outback, look no further than a Daylesford bed and breakfast. After a relaxing day at a natural mineral-springs spa or a hike through the Wombat State Forest, you can come back to your Daylesford bed and breakfast for as much solitude as you desire. One bed and breakfast offers a rural setting with relaxing sounds of nature and the subtle quack of ducks as they waddle across the grounds. In addition to the beautiful views offered by your choice of Daylesford bed and breakfasts, you can appreciate the home-style environment, decorated with antiques and offering a full living room.

Accommodating Mornington Peninsula bed and breakfasts

Some of the most sought-after bed and breakfasts in Victoria are on the Mornington Peninsula and overlook Port Phillip Bay. Imagine stepping onto the verandah overlooking the calm blue waters while a homemade treat awaits you. With a Mornington Peninsula bed and breakfast, you don’t have to imagine such a view, because it can be your reality. You’ll have the opportunity to wake up in a queen-sized bed covered in luxury sheets as the refreshing smells and sounds of a sea breeze waft through the air. You can have your ideal holiday destination full of coastal rejuvenation, along with plenty of nightlife and activities in nearby Melbourne.

Yarra Valley bed and breakfasts

Yarra Valley offers breathtaking countryside views that are the envy of Victoria. Here, you can wake up in a bed and breakfast in the midst of Victoria’s idyllic wine country. Whether you prefer a Victorian feel to your bed and breakfast with a community eating area or an eco-sanctuary bed and breakfast that gives you the solitude of the forest, Yarra Valley has a holiday rental for you. You may prefer to stay at a B & B on the beautiful Yarra River, or a bed and breakfast with its own pool may suit you best. Either way, Yarra Valley offers an immense range of bed and breakfasts to suit your particular needs. The cosy home-style feel of a bed and breakfast combined with the breathtaking fields and forests of Yarra Valley make for a perfect holiday escape.

Bed and breakfasts in Ballarat

The city of Ballarat offers modern amenities, culture, nightlife and beautiful Central Highland views. You can find bed and breakfasts near the heart of downtown Ballarat or more secluded B & Bs in the countryside that are still accessible to all that Ballarat has to offer. One of the most attractive features of a bed and breakfast is the charming and home-like environment offered by many, like a cosy, wood-panelled bedroom that reminds you of a simpler time. With a Ballarat bed and breakfast, however, you could also opt for luxurious spa-like features to unwind on your holiday or one with a tranquil garden setting to enjoy nature and accommodating hosts without leaving the downtown area.