Book your bed and breakfast in Tasmania, the Island State

Just south of Victoria, beneath continental Australia, lies the island of Tasmania across the Bass Strait. You’ll find a wide variety of experiences in Tasmania, from expansive natural mountains and forests to dense urban cityscapes. When you book a bed and breakfast to facilitate this journey, you get personalised attention throughout your experience that adds a whole new level of comfort that’s otherwise missing.

Where to book your bed and breakfast in Tasmania

Tasmania is a big island, and there are quite a few different locations you can choose for your bed and breakfast. The capital city of Hobart is one of the most popular destinations. While it started out as a penal colony, Hobart has grown to be a sprawling metropolitan hub with attractions the whole family can enjoy. Or, you may want to book your stay in Launceston. This city is one of the oldest in the country and features numerous historical sites to visit. In addition to the array of historical sites, Launceston has a vibrant nightlife as well, so you’ll find plenty of modern attractions among the Victorian architecture.

Finding a bed and breakfast in Hobart

The capital city of Hobart was first founded as a penal colony, but the only crime these days is not booking your stay at a local bed and breakfast if you’re looking for unrivalled comfort and special attention. A local bed and breakfast in Hobart allows you to explore numerous local attractions, such as the Salamanca Market or one of the local beaches. You can even find several 19th-century buildings around town just a few steps away from a quality B & B.

Booking a bed and breakfast in Launceston

Booking a bed and breakfast in Launceston can feel like taking a step into the past, as this historical town is packed with colonial and Victorian architecture dating back centuries. Of course, the surrounding area is mostly wine country, so vineyard tours and wine tastings are popular activities to do in town. If you’re more interested in nature, you may find a B & B near Royal Park or the imposing Cataract Gorge. If you spend your evening enjoying the local nightlife, you can always count on a relaxing and quiet end of the night at a quality B & B.

Top picks for a bed and breakfast in Tasmania

Tasmania covers a lot of ground, and there are quite a few bed and breakfasts situated all over the island. For the ultimate experience in a bed and breakfast in Tasmania, you’ll have to decide where on the island you’ll want to stay. The following are some of the best options in Tasmania’s top communities.

Large and tasteful 2-bedroom bed and breakfast in Hobart

If you book your stay at this B & B in Hobart, you can enjoy more room than you might expect from this kind of accommodation. Its 2 bedrooms have enough beds for 5 people to sleep comfortably. This B & B includes a Mediterranean-style courtyard and a garden area. It’s also conveniently located next to several beaches perfect for swimming and fishing. You can also enjoy a multicultural experience, as this B & B offers both Aussie- and Asian-style breakfasts.

Manhattan-style bed and breakfast in Launceston

Located in the middle of town, Charles 164a in Launceston is the perfect location for travellers looking for a comfortable urban holiday. The B & B is newly renovated and features 2 bedrooms with room for 4 to sleep comfortably. A fully equipped kitchen and a washing machine and dryer are included as well. The location is also remarkably convenient, as it’s just steps away from Princess Square Park.

Riverside bed and breakfast in Tasmania

If you’re looking for waterside comfort, you’ll find it in Riverscape BnB in Tasmania. Located alongside the West Tamar River, this bed and breakfast offers scenic views and convenient access to numerous activities on local pebbled beaches. This B & B is pet-friendly as well, so don’t hesitate to take your furry friend along with you on the trip.