Bali villas in Legian: From adrenaline rushes to art markets

Indonesia is one of the most popular destinations for Australians on holiday, and nothing offers an experience quite like the coastal town of Legian in Bali. Legian is all about providing relaxation and excitement in equal measure, so you’ll find a lot to do whether you’re looking for a massage or thrilling waves to surf. To get the most out of your Legian adventure, consider booking one of the local villas. These high-end holiday homes come with ample of space for the whole family along with modern amenities that will leave you wanting for nothing. Bali villas in Legian are also notably convenient with many located right on the beach.

What to look for in Bali villas in Legian

The people of Legian understand its appeal as a holiday destination, so you’ll have no problem finding quality Bali villas in Legian for your Indonesian adventure. You should keep an eye out for a couple of things when planning your holiday. For starters, your villa needs to have all the necessary space to accommodate your travel party. Legian villas are usually large to begin with, but if you’re bringing the whole family along, the sleeping arrangements need to be confirmed beforehand. Accessibility is also important. And most visitors to Legian will want to hit the beach, so a beachfront villa may be ideal for that kind of holiday experience. Additionally, a self-catering kitchen will make nights in this coastal town feel much more like home.

Coastal Bali villas near Legian Beach

One of the most popular areas of town is the beach. Legian Beach is home to many attractions, especially if you’re visiting on the weekend. You can take a boogie board or surfboard out into the waves or simply enjoy the beach football and music on the sand. Whatever your interests are, you’ll find lots of villas that are perfect for a coastal holiday experience. Situated close to the beach, these villas offer access to weekend festivities as well as the daytime peaceful sun just a few steps away. They also tend to have large windows from which you can gaze out into the Indian Ocean and let the calming sounds of its waves fill the bedrooms.

Bali villas in nearby Kuta

If you’re more interested in fun away from the beach, you may want to book a Bali villa closer to Kuta. You’ll have to travel a bit farther to get to the beach, but these villas will put you closer to restaurants, shops and parks. These villas still offer incredible views, especially at sunset along the western-facing shore, and the beachfront is never too far from any local villa. Many of these villas are also close to public transport terminals and areas where you can rent transport for yourself. Motorcycles are among the most popular ways to get around town, and just about every villa has room enough for parking a motorcycle and more.

Top picks for Bali villas in Legian

Bali villas in Legian come in many different shapes and sizes, and they all offer something a bit different. To get an idea of what local villas are like, take a look at these top picks for the area. They may be perfect for the holiday experience you and your family need, or they can serve as a starting point for finding other Legian accommodation. Whatever the case, they capture the general features of local villas.

Hidden garden Bali villa in Legian

Near the beach, you’ll find this high-end hidden garden villa that features 4 bedrooms with room for up to 10 people to sleep comfortably. Not only is it located near the beach, but you’ll also have access to a private pool for aquatic fun without any crowds. A self-catering kitchen is available, and there’s also a separate kitchen in the courtyard area suitable for outdoor entertaining. All linens are supplied, and you can keep yourself entertained with a 42-inch LED television.

Centrally located Bali villa in Legian

When you book your stay at this humble villa, you’ll be situated right in the middle of town. Numerous shops and restaurants are within walking distance, and the beach itself is still just a 10-minute walk away. WiFi is included, and up to 5 people can sleep comfortably here within its 2 bedrooms. A private kitchen and private garden area are included, and you can get special discounts on nearby attractions such as dining and spa facilities.