Explore reefs, rainforests and capes at Port Douglas villas

Port Douglas is a popular holiday destination in Queensland, and it’s no surprise why. You can visit the pristine beaches or choose a relaxing nature hike. The seclusion from city life is a major bonus as well, as a Port Douglas retreat is a great place to rest your mind and body, though it also offers a lot for those more interested in adventure. In either case, a villa is a great choice, because it will be fully equipped with every comfort amenity you would expect while you enjoy the privacy of your own place. Whether you want a villa with a private pool, a perfect view, a tropical garden or an ultramodern kitchen, a Port Douglas villa is right for you.

Downtown Port Douglas villas

A downtown Port Douglas villa gives you access to the nightlife, as well as incredible views of the Coral Sea and the quaint Magazine Island. Located in the town centre, a lovely 3-bedroom villa offers you a tranquil retreat that gives you more than adequate privacy with lush overhanging trees and your own pool. Many other multiple-bedroom villas are conveniently located near downtown and the edge of the peninsula, so you can choose whether you want a private pool, a scenic balcony or a manicured garden. You can find a downtown villa with a landscaped pond to swim in that immerses you in nature.

Port Douglas beach villas

Most visitors to Port Douglas are well aware of the miles of pristine sand at Four Mile Beach Park. To stay close to the beach action, you’ll want a villa that’s nearby or even has direct beach access. Many villas are within easy walking distance of the beach. Some have spacious kitchens with an open floor plan where you can relax and come and go as you please. One modern design is surrounded by shade trees that give you the feeling of being secluded in a tropical rainforest while still being located directly on the beach. A villa that feels like paradise gives you access to a marvellously landscaped pool with a waterfall and rocky outcroppings.

Coral Sea villas

The coast of the Coral Sea is prime holiday real estate, and you can find a villa that lets you experience the tranquillity and rejuvenation of the shore. You may want to charter a boat out to the reef or just relax in your private villa. One beachfront villa can sleep up to 10 and has breathtaking views of the sunrise, a fully modernized kitchen and bath and direct beach access. For the best of the Coral Sea and a secluded retreat from Port Douglas, you could choose from multiple 3-bedroom villas that offer private pools and immediate access to the coast. Kitchen amenities are important, and you will not be disappointed with fully equipped kitchens that give you plenty of counter space. If you aren’t in the mood for the beach, take a dip in the infinity pool that has a waterfall.

Luxury villas near Port Douglas

Almost all the villas near Port Douglas have aspects of luxury, as you are always getting beautiful accommodation with the comforts of home and many amenities you’d expect from an all-inclusive resort. Some villas, however, really step up their luxury where you can fully treat yourself. If you want to be right off the beachfront and the downtown area of Port Douglas, you can choose among luxury villas with modern architecture, beautiful views from almost every room, outdoor pools and seating areas.

Port Douglas villas that are pet-friendly

No holiday is complete without all of your family, and that includes your furry friends. Thankfully, Port Douglas has villas that are pet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about a kennel or sitter. A villa on a beautiful stretch of Four Mile Beach with a fully stocked kitchen and private pool has convenient steps to let your pets cool off. A 3-bedroom villa has a large pool that is partially covered to shield against the hot sun, and it’s located near Port Douglas centre, which puts you close to many fun holiday sites.