Plan your next holiday with dog-friendly beaches

Australia has many dog lovers and dog-friendly locations throughout the continent, including parks, cafes and beaches. If you want to spend a holiday in the sun and sand with your dog, you’ll love the options for dog-friendly beaches and accommodation options near the pristine coastline.

Dog-friendly beach areas in Australia

Whether you want to spend the day sunbathing or swimming, a lot of Australia’s beaches allow dogs on- and off-leash. You could also find beaches near parklands and wilderness areas for even more fun and adventure.

South Coast, New South Wales

The South Coast is a popular destination for all beachgoers, but it also offers plenty of pet-friendly accommodation, such as bed and breakfasts, furnished homes, chic cottages and more, as well as an array of dog-friendly beaches. Shoalhaven has large off-leash areas for dogs, and the Callala Beach promenade allows dogs to walk through the area and on the sand in the evenings. You can also find numerous other dog-friendly beaches in the South Coast area.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The Great Ocean Road stretches along beautiful coastline and spectacular beaches. You’ll find an array of pet-friendly cottages and bed and breakfasts in the area, as well as off-leash areas in Port Campbell recreational reserve and Camperdown Lakes and Craters. You can spend the day in the sun with your dog, swim in the shallow, calm waters or explore the nature trails and hiking areas at the edge of the sand.

Gold Coast, Queensland

The Gold Coast has plenty of fun attractions and entertainment for humans, as well as dedicated dog areas for play. As one of the most dog-friendly areas, the Gold Coast has beaches with large stretches for off-leash dogs, walking and running tracks for dogs and cafes near the beaches with gourmet dog treats and pet-friendly seating areas.

Pet-friendly amenities

From outdoor play areas to dog supplies and bedding, the pet-friendly accommodation in Australia makes it even easier to enjoy a beach retreat with your dog. You’ll find everything from cottages and cabins to luxurious homes and upscale apartments that allow pets, all within reach of the sand.

Outdoor play areas

Many of Australia’s dog-friendly holiday rentals are available with large green spaces and fenced play areas to ensure your dog is never bored or uncomfortable. This not only keeps your dog happy, but it also makes it easier for you to spend time with friends or family and enjoy a night out without worrying.

Beachfront properties

A lot of the pet-friendly accommodation near dog-friendly beaches puts the sand at your doorstep, so you can walk right out onto the beach and enjoy as much fun on the sand with your pet as possible. You’ll also like the beautiful sunrise and sunset views, as well as the sound of the surf in the background. Best of all, pet-friendly accommodation on the beach comes in many sizes and styles, so you have space for a group of friends or family.

Self-contained units

Though many destinations make it easy to bring your dog with you onto the beaches or into town, you never have to leave your accommodation if you don’t want to. Self-contained rental units ensure that you have all the basic essentials, such as a full kitchen with appliances and laundry facilities, so you don’t have to leave your dog behind while you get dinner or take care of errands.