Experience holidays with dogs by taking your pup on an adventure to Australia's best destinations

There's nothing quite as satisfying as going on holiday after a long period of constant work. The break from the mundane is certainly necessary, but that alone isn't enough to make a holiday experience the best it can be. To do that, you'll have to bring your best furry friend with you. Fortunately, Australia is one of the best places for holidays with dogs, as the major cities and towns are notably dog-friendly whether you're interested in the city centres or the coast. Given the sheer amount of pet-friendly rentals available, it's easy to find appropriate accommodation options that even let you bring the whole family along.

The basics of travelling with dogs in Australia

Before you embark on your adventure with your furry companion, it's important to understand the basics of travelling with dogs around Australia. While dogs are allowed in more places than you might think, they're not permitted within the limits of national parks, nature reserves and indigenous areas. Fortunately, there are still plenty of forests and landscapes where you can bring your pup along. Additionally, make sure that whatever holiday rental you book has all the amenities your pet needs, whether it be an outside yard area or bedding arrangements. It's always a good idea to take a form of identification for your pup with you when travelling with dogs as well.

What to look for in dog-friendly holiday accommodation

When you're looking for dog-friendly holiday accommodation, there are a few factors you should keep in mind. Not every rental is going to be pet-friendly, and even the ones that are can short you on some essential amenities. Fortunately, Australia has no shortage of quality accommodation options that both you and your pet will enjoy. For the most part, pet-friendly rentals will be houses and cottages with a bit of yard space, and the best will have it enclosed with a fence. Some apartments may be pet-friendly as well, but typically only small breeds are allowed, and there's no yard space. If you have to book an apartment, check to see how far it is from a park. The closer it is, the easier the trip will be on your pup.

Top destinations for dog-friendly holidays in Australia

The most important aspect of any dog-friendly holiday is the destination. Australia has a lot to offer with virtually endless adventure in store for travellers and their pups. When you visit Australia, you can spend time in big cities, by the coast or farther inland near the country's natural features. Several areas will mix these features, of course, but they're the basic experiences that are notably dog-friendly no matter where you are in the country.

Booking a dog-friendly holiday in the city

The vast majority of Australia's population lives in its major cities, so it should be no surprise that there's plenty to see and do there. Some may think the city isn't much of a place for a dog, but Australian cities are notably dog-friendly. Not only do they contain large parks like Kings Park in Perth, but many local cafes, restaurants and even breweries are pet-friendly. Bring your furry friend with you, and he or she may even get some treats from the staff at local establishments. Dog-friendly accommodation in the city includes many apartments, but some houses and cottages should be available as well without getting too far from the city centre. Take this cottage in Sydney, for example. It features 3 bedrooms, is located in the popular Rocks neighbourhood and includes an outdoor courtyard your dog can explore.

Finding dog-friendly accommodation along the coast

Australia's coast is known around the world for its pristine beaches and thrilling surf spots. While your dog probably won't do much surfing, there are many calmer beaches suitable for swimming and rafting. Brighton Beach, for example, is a premier destination for dogs where the waves are fairly calm as the beach opens up to Port Phillip Bay rather than the ocean. Of course, you can find beach walks virtually everywhere along the entire perimeter of the continent. Beachfront accommodation options are available in abundance as well, so you can find a nice dog-friendly rental that puts you just steps away from the shore.

Booking a dog-friendly holiday rental farther inland

Farther inland away from the shore, you'll find virtually endless opportunities for a dog-friendly holiday. Australia offers a wide variety of natural features including mountains, forests and arid deserts. Your dog can venture through it all for an especially memorable experience if you stay among the Blue Mountains. These mountains offer numerous walking trails and scenic views among a mountain range covered in a hazy blue hue thanks to a local plant species. With holiday homes that are notably isolated, there's no better option for you and your pup to get away from the world.