Top regions for pet-friendly accommodation in Victoria

  • Phillip Island: Located off the coast of Melbourne, Phillip Island is a tranquil island destination that’s perfect for pet-friendly beach accommodation in Victoria. The island has an array of memorable experiences and attractions, such as the Penguin Parade to watch the colony of little penguins return to their dens at night, and Seal Rocks, a colony home for Australian fur seals. You could also explore Phillip Island Wildlife Park, a large parkland with native species, or find some thrills at the Phillip Island Circuit for motor racing. Like much of Victoria, Phillip Island allows pets in many public places, including the beaches, so you can have a memorable trip with your dog.
  • Great Ocean Road: If you want to enjoy a diverse range of experiences in Victoria, pet-friendly accommodation in Victoria near Great Ocean Road is an excellent option. The scenic drive passes many of the state’s most popular attractions, such as the 12 Apostles rock formation, the Great Ocean Walk coastal trail, Bells Beach and the Otway Ranges. You’ll not only give your dog a fun car ride while you explore the wonders along the way, but you’re welcome to bring your pet on your excursions to many of the parks, beaches and cultural sites. Many dog-friendly holiday homes are available near charming seaside villages with unique shopping and dining as well, so you can spend the day sightseeing with your furry friend.
  • Ocean Grove: The charming seaside town of Ocean Grove is a great place for a quiet retreat in pet-friendly accommodation in Victoria. The laid-back area boasts many fun things to do and see, such as stunning beaches like Thirteenth Beach and Ocean Grove Beach, the vast and diverse Ocean Grove Nature Reserve and the tranquil Lake Victoria. Many excellent wineries and vineyards are in the area as well, many of which allow pets on tours and tastings. With a dog-friendly rental in Ocean Grove, you’ll be in the heart of the area and all the activities and adventures it has in store.

Find pet-friendly farm holidays in Victoria

Victoria is full of outdoor adventure. Along the Great Ocean Road, you'll find coastal walking paths and stunning geological formations like the Twelve Apostles, and having your dog along for the trip can make it absolutely unforgettable. You'll just need to find a place for pet-friendly farm holidays in Victoria, and many local farm stays welcome domestic pets. They usually have animals on the property, so having a family pet in the accommodation is generally allowed. Property owners just expect that your dog won't cause any problems with the other animals or destroy any aspects of the property. Some of the more luxurious farm stays enforce that expectation strictly by only allowing the dog to stay outside.

Discover luxury pet-friendly accommodation in Victoria

With its verdant wine valleys and cosmopolitan cities, Victoria is ideal for a luxury retreat. If you’re bringing your dog, you can find an array of beaches, parks, restaurants and cafes that allow pets, giving you a chance to experience the best of Victoria with your dog beside you. Many of the tours and adventures in Victoria, such as the winery and cellar door tours, allow dogs as well. You can find a range of luxury dog-friendly accommodation in Victoria that comes with the best pet amenities, such as dog beds, dog crates, food and water dishes and more, so your dog will be just as happy and pampered as you.

Save with cheap dog-friendly accommodation in Victoria

If you’re planning a budget-friendly holiday with your dog, you’ll be happy to know that Victoria offers a range of free or cheap things to see and do. You can enjoy the splendid beaches and cool waters of the coast, spend time exploring and playing in the parks or attend dog events to make the most of your time on a budget. Plenty of cheap dog-friendly accommodation in Victoria is available, whether you want to be in the country or the beach, giving you convenient amenities like dog beds, outdoor play areas with fencing, toys and more. When you save this much on your trip, you can afford to splurge on a nice dinner or an upscale vineyard tour, all with your pup by your side.

Find Fido a friend at a pets-allowed B & B in Victoria

Bed and breakfast establishments can be a lot of fun. They allow you to make new friends and acquaintances while talking over a home-cooked meal every morning before you head out to discover hidden gems of the region. You can even find some B & B establishments in Victoria that are pet-friendly. One of these can allow your pets to also make new friends as they interact with other animals, and you can find out from other guests the many pet-friendly destinations in the region that they've experienced. Just always remember to take precautions when your pet interacts with other animals – safety first!

Relax in your pets-allowed house near Victoria

If you're looking for privacy, space and a sense of connection to home, you'll find plenty of holiday houses in and around Victoria that are also pet-friendly. In a house, you'll have all the amenities you want, including fully equipped kitchens, television with cable or streaming services to watch and even book and game libraries to keep you entertained between trips to see and experience everything that Victoria has to offer. You can benefit from the many open areas where pets are welcome, and some indoor attractions might even allow your dog to tag along. Always check with your destination to make sure they're pet-friendly!

Get wild in pet-friendly Victoria cottages

Tons of outdoor adventures await you in Victoria, and they are the ideal experiences for taking your pets along for the ride. That means you'll need an accommodation that will welcome your 4-legged family members, such as the quaint cottages in Victoria that allow you to experience the wilds of Australia like nothing else. Take your pet on a nature excursion to a wildlife park, climb a mountain peak or walk along a creek. Visit iconic rock formations or let your pup run with you along the Pacific shores. The options are limitless from a pet-friendly Victoria cottage.