Create family memories with a Victoria beach house

If you’re planning a holiday with the kids, choosing a Victoria beach house gives you endless opportunities for a memorable retreat by the sea. You can find beach houses near Victoria’s best shores for long days of swimming, sunbathing and outdoor activities. Plenty of houses include great family-friendly features like pools, backyards, bunk beds, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms and outdoor entertainment areas, giving you a chance to stay in and bond during your trip. Best of all, a house rental has all you need, including beach access, so you never have to venture away from the sand.

Relax in your pets-allowed house near Victoria

If you're looking for privacy, space and a sense of connection to home, you'll find plenty of holiday houses in and around Victoria that are also pet-friendly. In a house, you'll have all the amenities you want, including fully equipped kitchens, television with cable or streaming services to watch and even book and game libraries to keep you entertained between trips to see and experience everything that Victoria has to offer. You can benefit from the many open areas where pets are welcome, and some indoor attractions might even allow your dog to tag along. Always check with your destination to make sure they're pet-friendly!