Choosing the right idea for your next family holiday is easy when you know exactly what type of fun you and your kids want to have. A variety of top-notch holiday destinations are available, including pristine beaches where you can spend your entire holiday under the warm sun and soaring mountains where you can lose yourself in nature. Whatever type of family holiday you decide is right for you and your kids, you can find budget-friendly accommodation that includes first-class amenities so that you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Escape to a scenic destination on your next family holiday

Visiting Australia is a great idea for your next family holiday if you want a trip to an unforgettable scenic destination. Not only does the country offer some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world, but it also features a variety of stunning national parks with rocky mountains and sprawling river valleys filled with lush greenery and shimmering waters. Thanks to the breathtaking beauty in Australia, planning a dream family holiday should be a breeze.

Kick back on a sandy beach

Taking your family to the beach is a great idea, particularly if your kids love swimming in the ocean or building sand castles on warm beaches. In Australia, there are countless gorgeous beaches, from secluded spots where you can enjoy some rest and relaxation to energetic locales that offer plenty of fun and excitement. Families who love surfing, for example, should consider taking a trip to Bondi Beachin Sydney, which offers some of the most consistently exciting waves in the country. Mandalay Beach is another great spot to visit and features rolling sand dunes backed by lush, green plants, resulting in a serene atmosphere perfect for a family holiday.

Hike up a secluded mountain trail

If you and your kids want to experience fresh mountain air on your next holiday, you should consider the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales. In this area, you’ll find some of the most stunning outdoor sites in the entire world, including meandering trails where you can spend an entire day hiking through nature. After you and your kids have had your fill of the serene forest glens and glittering waterfalls of the Blue Mountains, you can come back to your holiday house to warm up by a roaring fire or to spend some quality time while playing a board game.

Visit a bustling city and immerse yourself in culture

For families who enjoy holidays in bustling cities, taking a trip to Melbourne is an excellent idea. One of the most popular holiday destinations in all of Australia, Melbourne offers a variety of stunning attractions, as well as an irresistible selection of holiday lettings. For instance, Melbourne offers a variety of thrilling shopping destinations, including the historic Queen Victoria Market and bustling Federation Square. In Melbourne, you’ll also find plenty of places where you can enjoy the outdoors, including St. Kilda Pier, which provides the perfect place for an afternoon stroll along the water.

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World-class accommodation for family getaways

Whichever of these exciting ideas you choose for your next family holiday, you’ll need comfortable accommodation for you and your kids. Luckily, wherever you look in Australia, you’ll find top-notch rentals that every member of your family will enjoy.

Family homes with plenty of interior space

If you have a large family, you’ll need a large holiday home to make sure that you and your kids have the space that you deserve. In the most popular holiday destinations in Australia, you can easily find a spacious holiday house with as many bedrooms as you need. In your home’s master bedroom, you’ll find features designed for parents, such as ensuite bathrooms with spa tubs, and in the other rooms, you’ll find bunk beds where your kids can rest with ease after a fun-filled day.

Deluxe condos with resort features

Many of the best family holiday destinations offer a selection of deluxe condos with upscale features that you would commonly find in an upscale resort. For instance, if you and your kids love to swim, you can find an apartment that includes access to a private pool so that you can spend your holiday in the water. Inside the apartment, you may have access to can’t-miss amenities such as a full chef’s kitchen.

Country estates in a tranquil setting

For a holiday filled with rest and relaxation, you can choose to stay in a country estate away from the crowds. In your country holiday home, you’ll be surrounded by green fields and blue skies for as far as the eye can see, and inside your house, you’ll find great amenities, such as a game room where your family can play table tennis and a lounge with a large wood-burning fireplace.