Many of our Aussie holiday homes are pet-friendly. Find your paw-fect getaway today

Pets are very important family members, and now more than ever Aussies are travelling with their furry friends. We’re proud that many of ourAussie homes are pet-friendly, and you’ll find them in the top locations across Australia close by beaches, parks, and pet-friendly restaurants and cafes. So, start planning your trip with our pet-friendly rentals below.

Don’t leave them behind – you can take your pet on your next holiday

Our pet-friendly holiday home options mean you never have to leave your furry friend at home or in a kennel the next time you travel. Instead, they can join you on your holiday where the whole family can be together in one place.

Our pet-friendly homes come in a range of shapes and sizes, in multiple locations across Australia, many with backyard space, so your pet has lots of room to explore and play during their stay.

Private space for everyone to enjoy

We believe it's important for your doggo to have plenty of space to run and play when on holidays. With your own private holiday rental, you don’t have to worry about a safe space for them to enjoy. Instead, you can get a house, cabin or cottage, many with a fenced-in yard (check with each holiday home directly) where they can run and play.

Even better, private rentals can offer you the peace and quiet you need, away from the hustle and bustle. You can stretch out and relax with plenty of space and serene surroundings, whether that’s in a holiday home by the beach or a cabin in a rural setting. We have homes that cater to all family sizes and that meet a range of budgets.

Pet-friendly holiday houses and cabins

Among the most popular rentals for dog-friendly holidays are houses and cabins. A house or cabin gives you the same space that you have at home. Booking a full house lets you feel like you've got the comfort you're used to the whole time you're travelling,where everyone can have their own room and amenities. These kinds of rentals are perfect for large groups or families,since everyone can go off and do their own thing. They also give your pet a chance to explore a bit. Pets tend to be less stressed when they have more space to move.

This extends to the outdoor area. A great many pet-friendly holiday houses and pet-friendly cottages offer private yards,some of which may be fenced in. This means your dog can get out and run to get their exercise in.

Hit the waves on pet friendly beaches

Most dogs are happiest when they are being active outdoors and while spending quality time with their favourite humans. Of course, some of biggest attractions on Australia's coasts are the beaches, and you can find pet-friendly beaches across Australia.

Hit the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, where you'll find dozens of stretches of white sand and crystal-clear waters that are perfectly suited to dogs. You can adventure to Victoria or Queensland, where you'll see dogs on and off-leash in many places. In need of some inspiration? Check out our limited edition doggo playhouses (available until December 31, 2022) in beach locations here.

Now’s the time to take a pet-friendly holiday

Ready to holiday with your furry friend? Simply do a quick search to find a holiday home that suits your needs, and your four-legged family members will be along for the holiday adventure. Be sure to share your holiday memories with us by adding #stayz or #stayzau to holiday photos on Instagram.

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